Mobile nav menu 100vh of window, even though not set that way

So, for a website i’m working on, i tried using vh units to set the height of the mobile dropdown nav when it’s open, then decided i did not like it, and set it back again. buuuuutt…

It does not seem to be working. In the webflow designer it looks right, but when i preview the site it’s still stretching the full height of the window, and it’s glitchy to boot.

Here is the site:

and here is it in the designer:

any insight into why it’s not working right would be awesome! XD

CC @PixelGeek XD


Hey Richard. Please see below to help us diagnose your problem further. The link you shared is only visible to you when logged in.

like this?

let me know if this is the right way to do it…


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