Mobile Nav dropdowns not working!

Hi !

The navigation works perfectly on desktop but the drop down links do not work on mobile. I’ve done everything I can think of but still stuck :confused:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Not sure we understand bro, But don’t worry it’s easy
Please share one quick video about the problem you are facing
Use or

And share the video so I can help :slight_smile:

Hi bro,
It’s actually a mobile problem so those desktop screen recording platforms won’t be useful, I’ve taken a screen recording on my phone and uploaded it here for you to take a look at

As you can see the drop downs in the mobile menu either don’t work or will link to LinkedIn (It’s the social icon at the end so I’m assuming it’s reading that somehow?)

All the elements are linked properly, and are working perfectly on desktop - it seems to be some mobile glitch :slight_smile:

thanks for your help!

Can you please check on android device?
Weird that everything works on my device as expected :slight_smile: