Mobile menu z index body problem

I’m having an issue with the mobile menu appearing below elements on the page. Also, seeing a warning on the body element, which I’ve never seen before.

This happens in the about us > blog pages, when set to tablet and smaller view ports. When I open the Nav Menu 2 in the nav symbol. My expected result is that the mobile nav menu would be above the “brand strategy filter” on the page.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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@grantmdavis Hello. I’m not sure about the warning you are getting, I think the issue is about positioning your elements and sub-elements. Try putting the “tabs” container set to “static” instead of relative. It solved it for me (check screenshot).

I would alse recommend setting your Nav container (Nav 2 menu) to “Fixed” instead of “Absolute”, then set the Z-index to an really high number (500).

Hope this helps.

Edit: Also make sure to do the same on Tablet, if tablet and phone each has its own settings.

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