Mobile menu won't hide properly when tapping on modal

This is in reference to the TABLET view.

We have a modal-click-area (modal) div that shows up when the mobile menu icon is tapped…The problem we have is that when this modal-click-area is tapped, the mobile-open-menu div doesn’t go away. What we what is that when the modal div is tapped, the mobile-open-menu should move out of the screen the same way as when tapping the close icon.

We set the modal div as the trigger, but the mobile-open-menu div is like permanently stuck, despite animation set to have it move on the x-axis 100vw.

We don’t have this problem when we tap on the close button despite using the exact same animation.

Can someone help us please? Thanks!

Our read-only link is here

Hello Skinpores,

I took a look into this issue and it is happening because of the animation, not the layout. Here is an image attached as to what you need to update:

Right theree where it says only parents with this class you need to update it to all elements with this class. That is the reason why it’s working on X ( beecause it is a child of that element) but not on modal-click-area ( because they are siblings).

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Ahhh!!! We spent hours trying to solve it and never noticed! THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: