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Mobile Menu with Fixed Position

Help! I have a mobile menu with position: fixed.
It has a z-index of 500 and works fine bar it will not stack on top of another element.
The other element is a logo that’s set with position:relative.
I’ve tried making the logo position: auto, rwlative, etc… it makes no difference… it simply will not position over this element. any ideas what’s going on?

here’s a preview link:
If you enter the site and test the mobile menu using the hamburger, you’ll see what I mean.

See here, there’s a z-index: 1 set on .w-nav-overlay (a webflow class) - when I remove this, it solves the problem. You can override these in the page settings with custom code. Couldn’t tell you exactly what’s going on though.

Hi Joe, Yes I see what you mean.
It’s a Webflow class that I have no control over though?? How do you suggest I override this using custom code?
Call the class involved and remove the z-index?

.w-nav-overlay {
   z-index: auto / initial / #;

You’ll have to trial and error until you find what works.

Thanks v much Joe, I got it sorted by setting the z-index to auto using the custom code.
Really appreciate the help.