Mobile Menu Shows Halfway Down Page

Hi, It looks like I have the ever prevalent Webflow Bug with my Mobile Menu opening Halfway down the page. I literally just used a header menu from the Untitled UI Library.

I’ve searched the forum and it looks like its a super common problem that webflow just isnt interested in fixing.

I cant figure out how to fix it following all of the other instructions and was hoping someone could help out.

Also, I’m not interested in rebuilding it lol. Will take me hours and I have no guarantee the same problem won’t re-occur. I’m just looking for an actual fix here.

Thanks in advanced.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Mark Haberstock

Hi @Mark_Haberstock

Do the following:

  • Navbar Logo Left - Set Position to Relative with Top/L/R margins at 0%
  • Navbar Logo Left Container - Reset Position so it is not Static and is inheriting from parent (Relative).

This will ensure the menu opens underneath, not halfway down the page (see screenshots).

Thanks! I appreciate the help.