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Mobile Menu not 100% visible


The mobile menu on a site im working on is folding in behind the logo and sign up form. It used to work perfectly and came down all the way but not I can click all the tabs.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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Many thanks,


Hello @emcgregor,

From what I can see there are 2 things that might not work as you wish. First of all you have your navbar inside a second column in 3-col row. Was this meant to be like that? Doesn’t make sense to me… Second thing is that your mobile menu is visible for portrait mobile only.

Those 2 things might be the case :)

Thanks @bartekkustra

Yes I have it in there to center the menu - Just trying to remove that now but it will remove the whole thing and its not allowing me add a container or section? Will that fix the issue?

Ive changed the portrait to Phone L and below, is that correct?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure if I understand what you want to achieve. Could you contact me over Skype? Details are in my profile.

@cyberdave Thanks Dave for that suggestion - I have changed that to now Auto.

Looking forward to hearing your other suggestions

@bartekkustra could you help anymore please? I cant skype on my work computer but could use Google hangouts?