Mobile Menu Isn't Working - HEELP!

Hi!! Mobile menu isn’t working at all, I don’t know what’s happening could you please help me

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Hi @AASM21

I can see it working on my end > Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

What’s the exact problem you are seeing and what’s the end result you are trying to achieve?

Peter :webflow_heart:

Hi @AASM21

Your Interaction is applied to Menu Button 4, while your Nav Menu Button is being pushed outside of it because of the margin spacing.

Clear the spacing styles on Nav Menu Button and apply them to Menu Button 4 instead.

Hope this helps.

Hi Peter thanks for your answer! Im just starting in webflow and have so many small issues!! Now my nav manu doesn’t show up at all in mobile (dont know if I should add another one?? Also the spacing in the links look so weird and I cant seem to find the way to work the margins without them spacing all around. You’re help will be greatly appreciated pleaseeee Webflow - Serial Muse Design