Mobile menu has large white space at bottom?

Hello all. I am hoping you could help me.

I have added an interactive mobile slide-out navigation to my website at however if you open the menu you can literally scroll forever and when the content ends, it just is a void of whitespace.
Also, a big issue is, if you scroll to the bottom of a page, where the footer is… then try to open the menu, you don’t see the menu content unless you scroll right back to the top?

Thank you in advance and I hope I have explained this well enough. If you have any extra questions please contact me!

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Moonsand

Hi @Mahon, have you tried setting the position to Fixed instead of Absolute? It seems thats part of the problem. Could be a start.

Hi, yes this started to help, but thrown some other things out of line in the process. Will investigate this further, thank you!