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Mobile Menu (Hamburger)

Hey Guys,

I have always wondered what I am doing wrong on here, but my mobile menu does not look very clean at all. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong so going forward I will know please?

Webflow Link:


I’m not sure what you mean by “my mobile does not look very clean” but I noticed that the “200 - Extra Light” Lato font is making the nav items that appear in the Mobile menu almost invisible. If this is what you mean, then I’d just change the font to something heavier. Even changing it to “300 - Light” or “Normal” will help with legibility here.

Hope that helps!


Hey @JFly,

Thank you for responding back to me. If you take a look at it now you can see what I mean. I can’t get the menu to play nicely with me. When clicked it is taking up the entire mobile page (would love for it to only take up half at most). Also, I would really like the title “mobile menu” above the links as I have it. But for some reason it is graying the header out even though I have it white.

I am new with this menu, so if you could please help I would greatly greatly appreciate it.


So, I guess your talking about the mobile PORTRAIT view? My last comment was regarding tablet and mobile landscape views as well.

Do you want is to take up half horizontally, or half vertically? I mean, do you want it on the right side only or on the top?

Also, I’m not clear what you mean by it’s “graying out the header”. I’m not seeing what you mean.



I want it to take up the screen half - vertically on the right side. I added a Mobile Menu header to the navigation call-out so the user knows what they are looking at. But it isnt showing up quite as I have created it.

Also, why is my logo being distorted at the mobile screen size?

Hi @seank, I made a video with a suggestion of how to make a menu such as you have described (I think), let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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As always, @cyberdave to the rescue! Thanks, man.

wow @cyberdave thanks so much!

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