Mobile menu hamburger picking site nav, than menu items

Hi all

Working on a template I purchased. The responsive menu converts okay to the hamburger but:

  1. Clicking the hamburger menu icon is not applying the configured menu and instead some links from the site nav.
  2. The behaviour is different to what is configured e.g. I have configured Menu over right but its coming form the left - and with colours that I can’t seem to control.

Hey Anurag👋 Check it here:

Thank you so much for the reply Dmitrii. Point 2 - understood :+1:. For point 1 adding some screenshots to explain.

Web menu items - Community, Profile Building etc. >>

Mobile menu that shows if I ‘hide’ in the builder (this is what should show in correct version) >>

Mobile menu that is actually showing in preview / site (incorrect) >>

Got it. So in your template menu consists of 2 parts: #1 Desktop, #2 Mobile.
For mobile menu edit:
#1 Open “Tablet” breakpoint
#2 Choose “Mobile Menu” element
#3 Switch off “Move” transform
#4 Edit menu
#5 Turn on “Move” transform

Thank you so much Dmiitrii. Worked after spotting and editing the Mobile menu specifically. Appreciate the help :raised_hands: .