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Mobile Menu Conflicts

Hi Webflow People,

I am nearing the end of a project for a small electrician site. I am having a few difficulties with the mobile menu. It’s working well BUT once the menu has be opened these things happen:

  1. With the menu open I am able to scoll horizontally off-canvas (to where the menu hides)
  2. The scroll down arrow icon does not work as a link after the menu has been opened and closed.
  3. The fade-in interactions of the service boxes do not work (the boxes don’t show at all) after the menu has been opened and closed.

Is any able to help out with this please? Any help would be appreciated, hoping to launch this week.

Shared link below.


Here is my public share link: LINK

Looks like you figured it out. Let us know if you’re still having this issue.

Hi @DFink,

Thanks for replying. Still having difficulty. Here’s a screenshot to show that when the menu is visible you can scroll on the x-axis. I can’t understand why and it should be basic stuff.

FYI - I have used some custom code to stop scrolling when the menu is visible and re-enable scrolling when it is hidden. Using the same menu button so I can have the animation.

The other main issue is that once the user has opened the menu, then the service boxes fail to show. These fade in using interactions. There must be a conflict somewhere but I can’t work it out.

Any help would be appreciated. The share link should still be live. And let me know if you need any more info.


Hey @roblewi5,

I’ll take a look at this for you!

It’s probably due to positioning / interactions but could I get you to try this code in your header section first.

body {
    overflow-x: hidden !important;

Let me know if that does anything for you!



Hi @Thomas_92,

Thanks for helping out. I put the code into the head section but it’s still not working. See attached image:

The other main problem, which is more important is when using an iPhone, the service boxes are not appearing after pressing the menu button which is unusual behaviour. Must be a conflict with interactions.

Do you have any other ideas for either of these problems?