Mobile menu and header not responding as expected

My mobile menu button doesn’t do anything when I click it. In addition, I’m worried the responsive site settings in my header are wrong because nothing seems to fall into place naturally. I’m having to make it adaptive in different views because nothing seems to respond naturally. Please help. I’m past a deadline and am losing faith that I can pull this off.

Im Looking into it but your site is really cluttered so it might take some time hang tight

Oh, that’s not good. Thank you for looking at it.

I have scanned thru your site but i dont know the way you want the nav bar so i cant help you can you give me a rough idea on how you want it to look then i can explain you on how to do it

I was designing it so that the nav bar (header) is the same in desktop and tablet, but then reduced to the logo and menu in mobile view. I’m not understanding why the mobile menu doesn’t drop down. I was trying to assign it to drop to the right. I want to keep it simple with just the logo, tagline under the logo, and menu button.

Due to the design, I was making the site BOTH responsive and adaptive, since 100% responsive didn’t seen doable with the clients design requests. Thank you for taking the time to look at my plea for help.


Hello @mtdeniso123 and @Ahmadz839,
Let me help you.

Navigation winget has not only structured tags inside itself, but also have functionality, which connected to javaScript functions. Unfortunately, by moving menu-button out of navbar you broke the structure and you can’t expect it working by default.

I would suggest to move menu button back, inside the navbar. You still can style it like you want and make it visible only on mobile-portrait view. Sure you will have to readjust elements inside the navbar, but menu will works as you expect it.


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I’m going to give that a shot right now. Thank you for the suggestion.

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