Mobile Layouts and Issues with Internet Explorer

I have two issues:

  1. my design does not integrate well to mobile devices (photos are off and moved, nav bar doesn’t want to work properly and more.
  2. site looks completely different in chrome (presentable) then the current version of Internet Explorer (does not look right at all)

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for the post.

Could you provide more information about your problem. Things like screen shots of what you are seeing. Your published site and your read only link to your designer.


Hi @lweingart

Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

First four images are the problems I’m having with optimization to smaller devices.
The last two images are the issues between Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Link to site:

Hi Liz, Can you please share your read-only link?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Can someone please give me some help regarding these issues I’m having :smile: I really, really want and need to get this site up and running live!

Is anyone working on this for me? Just checking…

Hi @lweingart, I am taking a look at this :slight_smile: Will update you soon on what I can find out on this :slight_smile: Cheers,

Hi @lweingart, thanks for your patience, there are several issues on the site to address… I made a video to address the the slider issues with the first two pictures you posted.

Regarding the picture of the woman and the text and how it looks on tablet on down, check this video:

I would recommend to make the changes I suggest, then check how things look again in general, and in IE. There may be other styling changes that are needed, if there are more elements having a lot of these fixed positions etc :slight_smile:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave for creating these videos and taking the time! Did you already do the work? Or this is showing me how to do it.
YOU ARE AWESOME! I will try everything and get back to you.

Hi @lweingart, thanks for the follow up. I was just using the read-only link copy of the site . You will need to make those changes, but if you follow the video, you should be ok :smile:

Let me know if you have any questions. After you make changes, there will probably be little things to check if things look off in some viewport :smile:


Hi there,

I’ve done both videos that Dave put together with great results. Still cannot get site to look the same between Chrome and Internet Explorer. Please let me know what the issues are with Internet Explorer. Would like to be live by Thursday.

Hi Dave,

Do you have any answers for me regarding the Internet Explorer issue? If you look at this site in Chrome, it is absolutely fine and I’m ready to go live, but if you look at it in internet explorer, it isn’t right.

Please respond asap.

Thanks, Liz

Hi @lweingart, I took a look at the site, and from what I can tell, on the home page, the part that is off is in the section features, in the row with the two columns, the left column having a picture of a woman:

I noticed that when setting the left padding on the left column with the image of the woman to 0px, things start to look better:

The update to the style in the site:

Could you check that and after making changes, republish the site and check again in IE?


Hi Dave,

I did all of the above and still not working in IE. I REALLY don’t want to have to lose the woman graphic, but I’m getting to the point where I feel like I may have to. Do you or does anyone else there know what is happening with your product not working properly with IE? I was suppose to be live last week and I’m getting frustrated. Please help when you can.



I had to remove the woman graphic and now the bottom panel is shifting in IE. No one is getting back to me and I am now getting in trouble by not having this site live. Can someone there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help ME figure this problem out with internet explorer!!!

Hi. I took a look and I think the problem is with your padding in your services section. IE doesn’t handle negative padding or margins very well and it is best to avoid using when every possible.

I would start by removing all of the padding and margins on your container element

I would then remove the padding on your columns. I would also suggest changing your class names to better differentiate class.

I am not sure how that happened but this will cause problems.

remove the padding.

Hope this helps :smile:

I have thought about it further and I would remove the Service Columns class completely you don’t need it. I would then clear out all of your un-used classes. You might need to preform the cleaning action multiple times before it gets all of the classes

Hope this helps :smile: