Mobile layout disaster! Need quick help (hopefully!)

I am trying fruitlessly to fix something i’ve done to my site! It was looking decent at all break points and with testing on my laptop, monitor, iphone 11, ipad and husband’s iphone 7 but I don’t know what has happened but now it’s all completely messed up! The more I try to troubleshoot I seem to be just making it worse and worse. I’m up against a deadline so I’m trying desperately to get this fixed quickly while simultaneously not freaking out. I’m attaching screen shots to show the issues i’m having. In the designer it was looking okay but then it would not be how it’s translating at ALL to the actual device screens. In trying to fix it now both the designer and my actual screens are an absolute mess. I’m near tears so any help here would be so appreciated. Ugh, just when I thought I was getting the hang of things…

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