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Mobile Landscape- Vertical Crop Issue

Hey all,

We’re currently building a minimal website for a restaurant and are running into a vertical spacing issue when viewing the website full screen menu in landscape. (image attached) Ideally we’d like to keep the vertical spacing but have the full screen div “scroll” down instead of shrinking everything. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Could this be an overflow issue?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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In the read-only site, which page and section is the menu. I tried to find it but couldn’t.

Forgive me, I’m still working on it, It’ll be on the home page and can be shown by clicking the hamburger menu on the other page. Give me a sec to fix that.

Should be visible on Home page now

Okay, I see now. So what exactly is the spacing issue? Is it from the top of the screen? In between menu links? Or bottom of the page?

Generally, I’d just like the elements on the Full Screen Menu to not overlap when the window’s height dips below a certain threshold.

See attached images. Ideally, i’d like the content in that blue div to scroll not compress like how this menu on behaves on small screens.

Okay but that dropdown box is fixed under that dots menu item. Your menu is center on the page. Can you create a screenshot of what it’s not doing? It’s really hard to understand what you want to happen.

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