Mobile Landscape Not Formatting As Expected

I’ve seen multiple post regarding this issue, but no clear resolution.

My hero section has a one row, two column grid. The left side has text which creeps up underneath the navigation bar. I’ve tried every conceivable parameter change, but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Hi @Jmsteele
Your Container 5 has a max-height of 100vh. Change it to none and that will solve your text issue.

Hello Max,

Thank you for the suggestion. However, this did not seem to do anything. As a matter of fact, virtually and change I make to the container or the text container seems to have no impact on the top padding of the text. I’m baffled.

Hi @Jmsteele
It worked when I was testing, and it looks like you’ve made the change and the text is no longer going underneath the nav. If you add more padding now it should also increase the space. However, it now seems that you need to make some changes to the image on the right as it is shrinking. There are lots of max heights on all of the elements on the right. These will be restricting the image. You could also consider using the cover property to ensure the image stays looking good at all sizes.

I’ve only tested this in browser by reducing the height of browser window. I can’t view it on a device as I don’t know the subdomain you are using so unable to check on device, but it looks like you’re moving in the right direction.

My apologies for not acknowledging your last comment. I’ve been focused on another project. Thank you!

On an actual device it’s still not looking correct. I’ll check the few settings you referenced above, but I feel like I’ve tried every possible setting with no luck.

Thanks again.

Hey James!
I’d like to add that some phones, mine included, render the tablet breakpoint instead of mobile landscape :slight_smile:

Hello Alkoreiel,

Thank you for that bit of info. I have an iPhone 13 pro and the landscape is problematic.