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Mobile Homepage Header not Full Width

For some reason when viewing on an iPhone…my homepage has a white right side border.

This is ONLY on the home page. Every other page fills the blue area from side to side completely.

Hoping someone can tell me what I need to do to fix this…

Thanks in advance…

Here is my public share link:

Can you share the link to your live link so i can see it on a phone? Its likely that you you have something overflowing incorrectly. Check out this post Width Formatting Help that helped me with the same issue.

here you go:

That’s a head-scratcher…

It looks like there is a gap along the entire right side of the page all the way down to the footer. Even the images in the main content area are not centered as they should be. At first I thought that maybe you had turned Overflow Scroll on or something.

Nothing obvious to me.


Looking at this further, it seems that the “Verified Reviews” badge might be the causing the extra margin on the right.

@JFly is right. I can’t seem to see the code you’re using for the verified reviews badge. Is it possible you’ve removed it from your Webflow project, @tahiles?

The Verified Reviews code is site wide. The space is only on the home page.

Can’t understand how it would cause a space there and nowhere else???

I couldn’t seem to find that badge in the designer view to try to troubleshoot it. Is it being loaded dynamically somehow?

Hey JFly
Try giving your body class a overflow of hidden :smiley:


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Figured it out…or should say my Designer did…in about one minute…

The bottom box…"Find Us: was set at 110% width…

Thanks for looking guys…really appreciate it…

Oh! Well that explains everything haha :laughing:

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