Mobile hamburger menu moves over to the right when I select same page section

hey guys, I have been asked to hide the mobile menu when a nav option is selected and directs the page to a section. I solved this by adding an animation that closes the menu on click.

This all works fine, except if you open the menu and select about then quickly open the menu and select teachers the hamburger jumps over to the right as if it has a negative margin.

Any ideas why this is happening? This site was built by someone else using a template and I am just making a few changes on it so am not sure where the negative margin is coming in.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Ashley_Hewins, first off welcome to the community.

Secondly, the link you sent is not the share link but the live site. Here is a quick video for the share link:

Once you post this link we will be able to take a look for you.

Hey Brandon, here is the share link:

Hi @Ashley_Hewins, I have made a couple videos for your enjoyment. LOL! Hope they help!

Mobile Menu:

Pricing Section:

Hi Brandon, the second page is only for yoga therapy on request from the client. He had build most of it already and my main task was to link out the yoga therapy page.

Here is a video of the menu glitching on my phone

Thanks for the tip on the auto height that makes sense.

The two tap on the menu is because the template the client used left the menu open when you scrolled to the page section. I added an animation to close the menu on tap of each menu option but this does not clear the original Menu Icon animation which also closes the Menu on 2nd tap, hence the two tap on the menu after you have scrolled.

Do you have any thoughts on how to fix this one?

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