Mobile - hamburger menu does not appear when I scroll


I have an issue for my mobile/tablet version. When I scroll down, I click on the hamburger menu but the menu still appear on the top of the page… i really don’t understand why.

Someone could help me ?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Aceo Website

Thank you very much

The navbar component comes with a lot of preset CSS properties that we don’t see in the style panel. My advice here is to start from scratch with a new navbar and different classes, that’s the quickest path to “fix” this.

Start from scratch … I did a lot of interaction for my CTA…:frowning:
is it possible to have help without going from scratch ? What do you need to do so ? thank you very much…

I trie dto fix it, but those bugs happen when you’ve fiddle quite a lot with the menu and the structure. I couldn’t fix it so I’m giving you that advice.