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Mobile dropdown toggle page width

Hello! I just need someone help trying to get this toggle drop down to take the maximum width of the page.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Invicto Consulting

Hi Ethan,

Your read-only link shows me a full width navbar, so i’m assuming you were able to fix it?


I should clarify, i want the Services dropdown menu to be full width. So it is not fixed. :confused:

Hi Ethan,

In phone mode, select your “Nav_list” element and set its position attribute to “static”.
Then, in tablet mode, select your “Nav_list” element again and set the overflow attribute to “visible”.

This will make it so that it occupies the entire screen. If you notice the links not centered, select your “Nav_dropdown” element and set its width to “auto”, this should center the links.

Hope this helps,

That worked, thanks mate!