Mobile Content Overflow Issue - Seeking Diagnostic Help

Hello Community,

I’m facing a tricky issue on a Webflow site and would appreciate any help in diagnosing it.

Problem Description: On mobile, I’m noticing a rightward shift of about 5mm that exceeds the screen width. I’ve attempted several fixes, including setting the body’s max-width to 100%, but the issue remains unresolved.

Attempted Solutions:

  • Checked the styles and settings of all sections.
  • By hiding and reactivating sections one by one, the shift disappears and reappears unpredictably.

Interesting Observation: Strangely, when I scroll down to the second-to-last section, the content seems to recalibrate, and the rightward overflow corrects itself.

I’m open to any suggestions or assistance in pinpointing and fixing the source of this overflow.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable support!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Due to the overflow resolving with the second to last section that leads me to believe that the issue is within that section. Can you share your read only link? You’ve only shared your staging link.


Thank you for your help, this is the link : Webflow - Fintinos Site OK

Thank you in advance,

I think I found the culprit

This is on the mobile landscape view.