Mobile Columns Breaking Oddly Points

Hey everyone,

I’m super new to web design and Webflow, but I’m finishing up my first website and have a glitch I can’t figure out. On this tab: I have a grid set up with the Column Tool. Under Lead Team it is 4 across on desktop and on mobile it adjusts to 2 over 2. It looks fine on the designer window in all stages, but when it is viewed on an actual iPhone 7 Plus (and I’m assuming others, that’s just what I have) the columns move to 1 over 2 over 1 where I want it to be 2 over 2.

Any advice? Trying to get this finished up soon!


Please provide a share link to your site - not sure if you are using flex grid or not?


Thanks Joe, wasn’t sure how to do that either. Ha.

I would say to try using a flex grid - create a new div and give it a class (e.g. Flex Wrap), then add another div (Block) and move your elements in from there. Then on the block set a max size at each media break (down to phone). See if that plays better with your end product.

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