Mobile Chat Widget shows up in wrong place on iPhone

Installed facebook chat widget:

On Mobile iPhone devices sometimes the chat widget shows up on bottom as intended, and sometimes at TOP of page as NOT intended: see screenshot below. Unable to ident


(open on iPhone)

designer preview:

how do you always get it to show up on bottom as intended?

It should look like this:

Mod edit: topic changed to custom code.

It would be helpful to define what the chat widget is.

Hi @webdev

The widget is Facebook chat widget native. Found in the opening body tag on most pages:

I have SDK and followed all instructions to a T.
Load Facebook SDK for JavaScript Ref

This works as intended on Desktop Browsers and Android browsers but on iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the chat notification is appearing on top (seemingly randomly)!

Preload mesage on top = bad image

Preloaded message bottom = good

Thanks for looking into this!

no bueno?
I have adjusted timer to be 999 seconds in meantime until a solution is resolved. Thanks for looking at this.

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