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Mobile changes cascading up

Hello all, I had this issue before and put a temporary solution in by changing the layout of my elements. What I’m working on currently, that band aid doesn’t work. Does anyone know why when I change image positions in a grid or section on mobile why the cascade up?

If the position of a picture specifically on mobile is altered, it effects the desktop version also. Iv included the read only link for any help. Appreciate all I can get, thanks.

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As long as your element is set to manual positioning it shouldn’t be affecting the other breakpoints, but unfortunately it looks like your read-only link isn’t working so I can’t open up your project.

Hey mike, try this link

Thanks that second link works for me.

What area of the site specifically were you having trouble with? I’m noticing that on your home page you’ve got a couple sections (Content Strategy and Solutions) that may be easier to work with in flexbox as opposed to grid. While it’s not respective to your specific situation, I made a quick video for another community member that covered how you can use flexbox to change the layout easily in an alternating column layout like you’ve got that you can check out below:

Let me know if you have any questions or there’s another set of elements that you’re having trouble with and I’d be happy to help you further :+1:

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Awesome, I’ll check out the video and see if it works. Thanks for the help