Mobil view navbar interaction error in one language


I have a problem with the mobile view navbar interaction. So, on the English page it works perfectly (GRL Digital - Web Designer ), but on the second language page (Estonian/ET), the navbar is initially the wrong color ( ). If you scroll down a bit and up again, it will be correct. I have reviewed the navbar and interaction settings for both languages one by one and they are exactly the same. I’ve tried to change the color of the starting point on the Estonian page and put it back again, but it doesn’t help.
I will put pictures of the starting view on my phone when going to the page and the interaction settings on the pages of both languages:

Hi @GRLDigital !

Please share us a read only Link :slight_smile:

Hi @Leon_Servais !
Here’s the read only link: Webflow - GRL Digital

Thank you in advance!