Mixitup Multifilter filter colors on and off click, link in description

Hey guys,

I am using the Mixitup Multifilter. I have set up three dropdowns that contain the filter groups for each category. The issues that I’m facing are as follows:

  1. I have a “SEE RESULTS” button in each dropdown which should close the dropdown upon click.

  2. Also, I want the bg color of the filter buttons to change color when the user clicks on and off of it as they are toggle buttons which effect the results.

  3. The “RESET FILTER” button should change the colors of the button filters bg back to the original state as well and reset the button toggles.

I’m really close to making it work but these three issues are the last things, if fixed, would make it perfect.

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

The filter can be seen here: http://graphicdepot.webflow.io/all-business-cards

Thanks in advance. :smile:

Issue 1

"how to close weblow dropdown by click". Try the ideas her (If it not work for you update):

issue 2 & 3 - mixitup-control-active

When a filter or toggle control is clicked and becomes active, MixItUp will add an “active” modifier class to its markup for styling. By default, all controls receive the active class 'mixitup-control-active' , but this can be customized via the classNames configuration sub-object. Docs

  • Step-1: Create style for mixitup-control-active (Blue background for example).
  • Step-2: Finish :slight_smile:

UI. No Need for “see results button” (This is AJAX - you see the results in live).

Thanks for those links, they worked perfectly. Appreciate it.