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MixItUp Multifilter doesn't work

I am creating my first Webflow page. I am trying to filter articles with 4 categories. So I created 4 filter groups.
The problem is: When I click any of the filters all the articles disappear, and when I click Clear filters all the articles are back. Where is the problem, because I can not find it.

The link:

I really hope someone is able to help me!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ursa,

Your articles disappear because they do not have any class reference to your categories. You need to set the name of the category as the class name, not "“filter-category”.

Hi @anthonysalamin,

Articles are CMS content and also Checkboxes, that is why I give the same class .filter-category. I followed this tutorial:

You are saying that I need 4 different filter-categories?