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Mixitup Glitch Animation

Hi @sabanna, I have followed through your tutorial and everything is working as expected. The only issue I have at the moment is whenever I try to select different category, it does this weird glitch effect on the blog post.

I have looked at the other stuff you post on the forum, and tried to used flexbox and make sure it uses align start, but it still doesn’t work. Would you be able to advise on this @sabanna?

Here the read-only link and the staging site of the project.

Read-only link

Live site link

Please do let me know if you need more information from me regarding this.

Many thanks,

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Hi, @syamsul.rozmey!

I guess you removed the animations now at all?

HI @sabanna, yes i did. It seem the only way to stop the weird glitching issue is to disable the animation. i try to disable clampheight but doesnt seem to work so decided to disable the animation instead.

Correct me if im wrong on this @sabanna.

Thank you for your detail documentation, it help me a lot to implement this.

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Most likely this issue is related to the CSS grid. From my experience, it is not very “friendly” to MixitUp.

Is there any particular reason you need to keep the collection list display:grid?

Hi @sabanna, not really happy to change it, if there’s a better solution. i have read your post in one of the discussions regarding mixitup. You mention about changing it to display:flex and then align content start.

I have tried those solutions but it doesn’t work for me. That’s why I decided to go for display:grid

Don’t see how it would look any different, but it is your choice here. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other solution.

No worries @sabanna, i appreaciate your time and help on looking into this !

Stay safe !

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Hey @syamsul.rozmey
How did you remove the animation?
Could you help me with that?

This is my read only link -