Mixitup Animation Glitches

Hello, I’m working on trying to figure out the basic functionality of Mixitup for an in progress portfolio site. I’m getting some weird glitch animations when sorting collection items. For example an item will animate in smoothly to half height, and then abruptly expand to full height. And when clicking other filter buttons some items will animate up above the bounds of container they are supposed to be in.

I’m connecting to Mixitup using the public cdn link: https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mixitup/3.3.0/mixitup.min.js

Here’s the wip page for sorting. Really haven’t done much design or layout work yet, just trying to build the basic functionality idea first to see if I can get sorting to work the way I want before spending the time to dial in the look.


If anyone knows how to fix the animation glitches that would be awesome.