Mix-it-up has me mixed up ;-(

On my site I have installed the Mix-it-up plugin for my image index page. It’s working fine except for certain transitions it’s very jumpy. When I go between “ALL”, “MEN”, “WOMEN”, & “CHILDREN” it’s good. But when I switch to and from “ANIMALS” and “MULTI-FIGURED” the transition is very jumpy and erratic. I tried loading the code for fading and delay, but that made no difference. I’d really get those top work but I don’t know JS so I tried putting each code snippet between separate tags and then tried grouping all three code snippets between one set of script tags. Nothing I tried seems to help. Very frustrating. Please, when someone writes a tutorial please understand that if I knew how to code already, I wouldn’t need a tutorial. Thanks in advance for anyone who is kind enough to spell this out for me. I love Webflow but the learning curve is soooo steep.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/fineartportrait?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=fineartportrait&preview=489778fbe52e92eecebf20f88ecd9422&pageId=5d014b222bca93fff97740fe&mode=preview
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Can you share the published site?

I wound up junking the whole thing and created my own using transitions.

Well, I went back and reinstalled mix-it-up. So basically what’s happening is that when I go from “All” to “Men”, the second row jumps up into position. The same thing happens when I go from “Men” to “Women” but not when I go to “Children” or when I go from “Women” to “Men”. I tried a wide variety of animation options and varying the transition time, but to no avail. I still get those annoying jumps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my read only link: