Mix Blend Modes Not Working on New Site

Hi guys,

I’ve just started building a site that incorporates a number of blended elements using the custom code embed however they aren’t executing in the designer. I used them on numerous other sites successfully but they don’t seem to be working here. here is the code used:

.c-hero--slash {mix-blend-mode: color-burn;}

Any thoughts on why this is working?



Here is my site Read-Only:

([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Hi @tjthomsonjones

It’s worth mentioning that most custom code won’t render inside the Designer, but will render on the live site after publishing.

I could be misinterpreting the view, but it looks like I’m able to see the color-burn effect here: https://bladesman-039d1b.webflow.io/

@tjthomsonjones — You can also put custom CSS directly onto the page using the Embed code function; this way, it will render in the designer (then you can transfer it to the custom code section under project settings before you complete the project and take it live). Hope this helps!

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