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Missing Values - Paragraph

Not a big deal…
This happens on occasion.

The paragraph element on the left is selected.
On the right - there is suppose to be top border… notice all the values are empty.

With the element selected - click on the top border and the values now appear.

Here’s what the paragraph element looks like when NOT selected

Isn’t the issue actually that the top border icon isn’t blue? I wouldn’t expect to see any values there when the “all borders” icon is selected.

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True… you got me there.
That’s what happens when you get old and blind.

I guess the UI changed in some way.

Because… I thought (before)… when you selected an element
the current values would display.

So for example… I had a top border already set for this paragraph.

My assumption was… when I the paragraph - the top border indicator would light up.

If you had a top and bottom border - but with different values…
the top and bottom indicators would change color - showing you there are values there.

Now… the only way for me to know a value is set - is to actually click the top border.

Obviously… I can see (the paragraph) on the screen - but when selected - you can see the top border.

ehhhhh… forget this post.

It does what I expected. I just didn’t really “see it”.

Here it is - the element (has a top border set) and is selected.

You can tell there’s a value in top border because the icon is depressed a little.

So my fault. Again… old and blind. Thanks for trying to help.


you know… the more I play with this…
the more - I do not like it.
Maybe it’s personal preference… but the element doesn’t give any indication a value is set
unless you select that particular value.

It used to show up blue. At least, I THINK it used to show up blue.

It sure doesn’t make much sense to have it NOT show up blue, since that’s the way everything else in that panel works.

And you’re actually off as well on the icon showing up as pressed when there is a value. That is only happening because you have the top border selected. If you select the “all borders”, which is the default selection, you’ll have nothing at all indicating that there are values in that top border setting.

Maybe I’m just confused
Haven’t used Webflow in a awhile…

  • trying to get back into the swing of things…

This is kind of what I was referring to…
I know I have a top border on this paragraph
and yes - the default setting is “all borders”…
this doesn’t make sense to me

Hey Nelson, Waldo - can you shed some light on this ?
Am I just confused… or did I miss some sort of change in the UI ?

@PixelGeek @Waldo

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