Missing random elements, Interactions on site (and Webflow feedback)

I have built my first client project in Webflow having gleefully recommended it to them. They have been impressed with the work/preview and agreed to paying for hosting cms etc. Big trust and commitment.

Sadly, a couple of days ago a lot of this work including interactions and other elements have vanished from designer. I had also continued to update the website not noticing these missing bits. So even if I restore I will still have to go back over what I’ve already done and rectify. There’s lots missing and I am really angry as I was on schedule to launch this week but now it won’t happen.

I have today found that the external uploadcare button on my form has vanished too. Webflow have cost me like 2 days additional work to correct all the cock ups and therefore delayed the launch of this project which will only make me look bad, absolutely ridiculous.

Fair to say based on this craziness I won’t be using Webflow for future projects, as it cannot be trusted. Protection of my work should be the highest of priorities but they have failed me, miserably. Instead they hike prices when can’t get the simple things right.

I’m really disappointed.

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