Missing list of pages - SOLVED

Today I can’t reach list of pages in webflow designer in my project
After clicking on “Page: Home” is only icon page in left selected and no list of pages.
My browser is Chrome.


Can anybody help?

Please try the following in this order:

  1. Clear browser cache.

  2. Logout of Chrome and create a new user. You may delete the current user.

  3. Uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome.

  4. Use Safari on Mac OS instead of Google Chrome.

  5. Use Google Chrome on a Windows PC.

Thank you samliew, I have try 1. - 3. and it doesn’t help. I am on mac osx 10.6.8 so 4.- 5. isn’t actual.
What is interesting: list of pages works in all others projects except this one.

You have to provide the public share link when you are asking for help.


Problem with the listing of the pages has two scenarios:

A/ Mac osx 10. 6. 8:
After clicking on “Page: Home” or “Page Icon” no listing of pages is opened.

B/ Mac osx 10.9.5, 10.11.2:
1/ click on Page: Home – listing is opened
2/ select Page - page is opened
3/ try close Pages x - nothing happened
4/ try open different page - nothing happened
5/click on Collections icon - list of Collections is opened and together with list of Pages side by side

When I look in listing under Collection Templetes - can’t see all actual Collection Templates…

I am able to open your project without problems on Google Chrome, Win 10. We need to defer this to the Webflow staff to further investigate.

Samliew and have you try proceed via scenario B/?

Hopefully Webflow staff will find soon the solution

Hey @Roman can you please contact support@webflow.com so they can help you resolve this issue?

The issue may be resolved by duplicating the project and accessing the duplicate version (the pages panel is working in the site preview). Thank you!

Waldo I have already contaced Dave and I am patiently waiting for solution.

Duplicating project unfortunately doesn’t helped.

Thanks to Dave is my project again OK.
You are awesome!
Thank you so much!


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