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Missing Link Blocks on Symbols

Hi Team :slight_smile:

I have created a symbol for my navigation section. When either I duplicate the page or start a clean new page and place the symbol in, it’s missing the link blocks in both corners. It says they are there if I unlink / ungroup the symbol, however they are still not appearing, please see a screenshot of both the master page with the blue blocks in and the missing. Please can you help?

My Project Shared Link :

Thank you for your time.

Hey there @Saff,

They are not missing :smiley: the SVGs are there…
What happens is that your link block has a ‘current’ state of dark background, and both of those link blocks are pointing to the homepage - so on the homepage you have dark background and white SVGs.
In any other page, your white SVGs can not be seen as they are on white background… :sunglasses:

Hi There, Thank you very much for that, will have a little play and come back and press solved if all good, Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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