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Missing Images in Gallery

Can someone help me understand what’s happening with the Digital Assets (Black Section) section on my site. I can see that I have about 10-12 asset images in there, but when I publish the site, I only see one side and four images. I’m guessing this is a simple fix, as it was displaying fine earlier, but I must have messed something up.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Najam's Dandy Project

Site Preview :

hi @najam_mirza I can see on published site all 12 images on all viewports. It had to be some glitch.

I can see it on the read only link too, but I can’t see the images on the published site.

hi @najam_mirza this screenshot is taken from live (published) website

hmmm… interesting. It displays really weird on Safari but I do see it at my end too now.

Thank You !!

HI @najam_mirza it display like that because my display is 27" and you don’t have (except four columns) any other styling

My display is also 27" and it doesn’t display like that. I’ve tried every browser except Safari.

hi @najam_mirza feel free to close this issue as solved