Missing form notifications on project

Hi, pretty self explanatory.

I have recieved form submissions (not as many as i’d hoped however though - but as i was receiving submissions, didn’t think it was a form issue - now it appears that someone submitted, but I never received. This would be a HUGE problem if I lost submissions…

Here is my public share link:datastreamingawards.io/nominate is where the form is

Log into your project to look at form submissions. If any are made to a hosted project using default form actions they will be there. It’s always best to check manually on a regular basis.

Thanks so much for getting back to me Jeff! I have checked in the project settings, but the submission appears to still be missing.

Is there a particular reason why some would be missing and some wouldn’t, in your opinion?

Thanks so much again for your help!!

Nope. If Webflow services are all green on status.webflow.com there should be no issue. You should test your form handing if you haven’t.