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Missing Font Suddenly

A few days ago the font that I use as my bold flavor of font has stopped being different

I use Aveinr Heavy (vs. Avenir) for bold text, but for some reason, it’s no longer appearing as heavier than the other font.

You can see this on this page:

If you inspect element on the product name in the box in the hero:
“True Link Protection Prepaid Visa® Card”

You’ll see that it is in a called “bold” which is supposed to make it Heavy rather than the regular Avenir Book.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Any thoughts on this anyone? I’m desperate to get this working again!

looks bold to me.

I’m using a MacBook Pro & Chrome.

What are you using?

This is super weird, as of my last re-deploy of the website, everything is working as expected again.

Gremlins perhaps?

Thanks @PixelGeek!