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Missing elements / interactions


I have two annoying problems I’m hoping someone can help me with

  1. On the section below my hero section is a picture (with a cat). A text box should appear over it but it isn’t. I’ve tried changing z index, I’ve checked the scroll interaction to see of opacity is at 100% and it looks ok, yet it’s not showing on the preview. Any ideas whats going on?

  2. This is a theme and I didn’t build the product section, however, on purchase there was a smooth zoom on hover interaction for each product card which has now ‘disappeared’. I didn’t change anything (as far as I can tell), and I’ve gone back to a previous version to see if there is any difference in settings but again can’t see anything.

Here’s my preview link:

Any help much appreciated!


Seems like it opacity set to zero

This section has two on scroll animations and one setting the text opacity to zero

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Hi yes the initial state has 0% opacity but it finishes on 100%. Yet it still doesn’t show

Unable to find a bug

but as I moved this up it working.