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Missing Dashboard Settings

Why I don’t have this in my Dashboard?
I’m using Google Chrome v41
Tried FF but (sadly it isn’t supported) to check if its a browser issue but no luck.

I just purchased a PERSONAL PLAN and I was thinking this might be the issue since I was using a free one before. But still as I’ve checked today, this SETTINGS icon is not visible to mine?

Here’s my dashboard.

hi @joeyocaro, thanks for the post. That does sound strange. Do you have a read-only link to your site, that I may also take a look at? Here is info on read only link:

I will need to investigate this, and then I will get back and report what I find.

Cheers, Dave

@cyberdave sent you my link via PM. Thanks for the quick response


@cyberdave Hi. I would like to follow up on this one. I hope there’s a solution to this. Thanks