Missing custom code SVG icon on mobile breakpoint

Probably something very easy to fix for you experts!

For some reason an SVG icon I have included using a custom code element vanishes on the mobile portrait break point and I have no idea why.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 18.10.30

The ‘Learn more’ component on the homepage is where the issue arises - the arrow icon. It has a minor interaction to it on hover, but only on desktop. It’s really bugging me.

Not sure what I am missing. Can anyone help as to why this is happening please?

Many thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - inbluum)
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Anyone have any idea on this please?

Anyone have any idea on this one please?

hi @76kid I have looked on your issue and tried many things but I can’t figure out why your svg code inside group is disabled on small screen. Sorry I can’t help at least you know what now is up to you why

You can try to use different svg if issue still persist

BTW there are many errors in inspector related to 3rd party scripts and some to your custom code

hi @76kid I had a second look as this case is strange and I have figure out the issue is related some way to your SVG and classes.

Where did you get this SVG? It looks like you have modifyied some other SVG shape by class.

As I have suggested create or find arrow SVG or icon and export as SVG and use this instead. I believe this will fix your issue

Thanks for you rhelp with this @Stan. Please can you tell me more about what you highlighted “many errors in inspector related to 3rd party scripts and some to your custom code”. How can I rectify this please?


Hi @76kid I will recommend you to check you live website with devtools and start sorting these ERRORS. As you can see they are in majority related to outseta