Missing Buttons On Old Website


An old client of mine has gone in and messed up something on his website, and now two buttons are missing. Can anyone figure out what went wrong?

The two missing buttons are in the section just under the hero. When I view the sections in the navigator, they are still there, but just not visible anymore. For some reason, the product images (under the buttons) were moved out of the DIV boxes — I moved them back, but the buttons still aren’t showing.

This is a Korean website, but I have also linked the read-only English site as well below, if you need to compare. This is what it’s supposed to look like (in English):

I am not the web designer who built this site, and in fact I am not a designer at all but a copywriter. However I do have a bit of experience building a blog in Webflow some years ago.

Thanks so much for your help! Really very much appreciated, as I can not solve this problem on my own.

Here is the KOREAN site Read-Only (the one with the missing buttons):

And here is the ENGLISH site Read-Only (buttons not missing, for reference only):

I’d guess he renamed the category.
The site is a bit of a strange data design in that each of your items has its own collection list which is filtered to show the category.

That alone is a bit complex and fragile, but here you’re filtering on an exact match of the category name;


You do not currently have any categories with that name, so nothing shows.

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It worked, thanks so much Michael!

It appears my client was trying to add a new category and changed the names of his CMS categories in the process. Changing the names back fixed the problem, but now for some reason I have this grey background behind only ‘Collection Item 5’, as can be seen below. Furthermore, clicking the button does not link to the proper page anymore. (I published the site, and the button doesn’t work)

How can I get rid of this weird background? I checked in the style and element settings panes and everything seems to be the same with the other collection items, barring the special selector class — but even when I remove the class name, the background persists.

Also, how can I relink the button? A much more important error to fix!

Thanks again for the assistance, greatly appreciated!

Here is the KOREAN site Read-Only (the one with the problematic buttons):

And here is the ENGLISH site Read-Only (no problems, for reference only):

Remove the class on the wrapper called Collection List Wrapper 4. If you look in the style panel you’ll see it has an image & gradient set. That gray is that default background image.

I’m not sure where you’re trying to link to, buttons 1 and 2 aren’t linked anywhere. but both 3 and 4 link to that collection list’s current category.