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Missing Body in Navigator Panel

Missing Body tag and Symbol


Exiting / Reloading the Designer… now displays the Body tag and Symbol.

No Project Link Available

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Hi @Revolution

Thanks for posting about this Navigator issue – from your screenshot that definitely looks like a weird bug.

I tried to replicate this issue but was unable to in a new project. Can you provide the steps you took to reproduce this glitch, if there were any?

It seems like there may not have been any specific steps taken to cause the issue, but rather it just appeared; is that more accurate?

Is this issue consistently happening across multiple projects? Or is this isolated to just one project?

I know you mentioned you cannot share the Read-Only link. It’s worth mentioning that this link is typically how we are able to isolate, reproduce, and report a bug as some issues only affect a few sites and are not reproducible in a new site. As we don’t have this link, any additional information that will help us resolve this issue for you is greatly appreciated. :bowing_man:

Also, I wanted to let you know on behalf of the Customer Success Team that we greatly appreciate you taking the time to report these issues – it definitely helps.

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

(Also I moved your comment to a new post here as it seemed like a different issue)

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The only way to replicate the problem - is to create and build a new website.
Throughout the process… you will encounter the problem.
The problem is not really reproducible is only a minor build.
I think the issue builds upon something else. I’m not sure what that something else is yet.
In other words… it’s a multi-layer issue.

Multiple Projects. I have 2 active projects at the time. One project is about 6 months old - still in dev mode.
The 2nd project was started 2 days ago.
This issue happens in both projects.
I develop on multiple systems - basically whatever is around me… but mainly:

Mac Mini 2011 - i7 - 16GB - Sierra 10.12.6
MacBook Pro 2016 i7 - 16GB - SIerra 10.12.6
Win Desktop - 64GB - i7 - Win 10 Pro 1709 - 16299.248
Win Laptop - HP Spectre X360 i7 - 16GB - Win 10 Pro 1709 - 16299.248
Google Pixelbook 2017 - i5 - 8GB - Stable 64.0.3282.134 Official (64-bit)

Yes I know. I understand a link would help considerably. I cannot provide a link.

Thanks for the detailed reply!

I’ve alerted the team of this issue and we will keep an eye out for any other reports. I’ve also asked our designers to keep an eye out for similar issues when working on projects in Webflow.

I’ll post back with an update as soon as I can!

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