Missing API Query & Unfulfilled Status Purpose

I am on the halfway of the webflow integration.
Can anyone please check the following query:

Whenever I create a new order at WebFlow account, my order status is displayed as unfulfilled

Question here is what is the purpose of this API, using this API to “unfulfilled” an order which is already “unfulfilled” doesn’t make any sense.
using the reference API https://developers.webflow.com/#unfulfill-order

1). What is the actually meaning here of “unfulfilled”
2). Is there API to cancel an order.

Sumit Khunger

Here`s a nice read: https://stripe.com/docs/orders/guide#understanding-order-statuses -> Paid in stripe is equivalent to Webflow’s unfulfilled status

Webflow simply extends what stripe does, so you should use Stripe’s docs to understand stuff that Webflow doesn’t cover completely

To cancel, you need to refund an order.