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Mismatch between desktop and device navigation

Hi everyone,

I am building a site using a template I purchased. It has a nice Navigation section on the left which I’ve configured just the way I like it.
I was frustrated to find that when I tested my site on a mobile device, the navigation area was totally different. Display-wise, which is fine, but specifcally the content. The items were all different, the pages they went to, etc. I figured it used a different set of items rather than inheriting them from the regular navigation area, so… fine, I updated it to display the right choices and link to the proper places. Okay, I can live with having to do all this in two spots.
But then I realized each page has it’s own “nav-device” section. Worse, some of them are in different places in the page structures, and have different options than even the original. I can only assume this is due to the template being sloppy.
Anyway, long story short, what I want to know is: How do I make a device navigation area that, like the desktop one, is present on every page and only has to be configured once. For some reason, although each page in my site has the “navigation” section (which is green, which apparently means it’s just inherited from elsewhere), but the “nav-device” section is blue, and each page seems to have its own copy.
Or maybe a simpler question, how do I make a section that I can put on every page but anytime I updated the content in it that content flows to all instances, like the footer or navigation section?

Hi @lowfuel, thanks for the post. To create a navigation that can be placed on each page and updated in a single location, create a navbar and then turn it into a symbol:

Without looking at the template in question, it is hard to check what the structure looks like, or to provide feedback, could you help to share the read-only link to the site?

Thanks in advance!

Many thanks, Dave! Here’s the readonly link.

The symbol thing sounds like just what I need. I’d like to convert the nav-device section on my home page to a symbol, so that it shows up everywhere, and then delete the local instance of the nav-device section from the other pages. That sound like the right path?

Thanks, by the way. The symbol thing worked like a charm. It’s all fixed now.

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