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Mis-behaving icons/buttons


I’m having trouble with the icons in my nav bar and a button below it.
I would really appreciate some help.


I would always like the

  • American flag to the right of the shopping cart.
  • The business button to be aligned to the right with the shopping cart and for its top edge to touch the button of the black bar

How can I lock this in?

Read Only

  • click on Menu Link at the bottom of the first page to see the isolated menu.

Browser Type:

Screen Caps
Full width (1200px): Everyone is behaving , others not so much

update: i changed up my Flag Icon to a different graphic but, the desired results are the same.

Hi O.

I tried to solve the issue but as it is, your structure is a bit off, so instead of fixing the existing, let’s redo it.

Can you try a structure like this:

inside the Nav: Brand element, with inline-box property, then 3 divs with each inline-box too. One for the search form and one for each icon. They should stay one close to the other nicely.

Then put a real search field from the Add menu. (drag a form, remove everything instead 1 field) So now you can play on the width of it to make it fit.

Learn how to resize the viewport to the minimum width of the Desktop breakpoint, to ensure the design is good for this breakpoint and up. Here’s how:

Can you try all of this and come back?

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BTW I love RAM Mounts :slight_smile: I have this totally rad clamp with a magic arm + phone holder that I attach to my bicycle to film :slight_smile:

Thanks for for tip. I was thinking I would need to create a new clean one, but I was hoping for a magic fix.
I’m glad your love your Ram Mounts. :smile:

I will keep you posted.

I’m rebuilding the menu. Are you recommending that the 3 divs are inside the nav?

Wouldn’t it be better for them to be after the nav?
Have a greet weekend.


My menu works nicely based on your intel.
Do you have a recommendation as to how I can make the Business tab stay flush to the button of my back bar and overlap the cell below?

Right now I have it as a separate container. When I added it into the top container is mess all the stuff up.

The menu is scaling beautifully.
Any tips on how to make the business tab lock into place.

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