Streaming live at 10am (PST) Recreation

Hi PixelGeek, i’m watching your Advanced webinar on mirrors edge recreation.
is there anyway you can help me with the image assets you used so i can tag along and follow your design patterns? :blush:

Hey @brilliantlights :) As far as I remember all assets were downloaded from the original website (just inspect element on that site and go to Resources tab where you can find all images that your browser download to cache.

And let’s bring @PixelGeek here as well :)

Thanks bartekkustra. I just tried that and didn’t see much in the cache.
I hope PixelGeek uploads the assets somewhere i can get it downloaded

Here is the background image

You can find image links in the source code.

Thanks AlexN, yes i’m actually there now and harvesting the images :smile:

Right click → Inspect Element → Resources → Images → click on each image and select Save As.

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:smiley: wow thanks, this ones faster.

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