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Minimize Sidebar

Hi there. I was trying to make my sidebar under [Beta -> Access Beta -> Home] minimize like how has it. I made a sidebar that looked good and all but I don’t know how I can make my link block (three line image) trigger the sidebar to move left and have the rest of the screen take up that slight space.

Here is my public share link: *

Two ways:

  1. Rebuild Column 9 in the Webflow Element > Components > Navbar. This give you the “hamburger menu” automatically in mobile viewport

  2. Add some interactions to Column 9 - where it is off screen until the hamburger menu is clicked. You’ll have to add the hamburger yourself etc.

Excuses my lack of knowledge, but I am unfamiliar with the hamburger menu. Where, or how do I add a quote “hamburger menu”. I mean it sounds good and all :sunglasses:.

Oh shoot I just realized what a hamburger menu is. Ya I have all of that preset up. All I need help with is the interactions. I don’t really get how to add a interaction to this. again it’s the beta “home” not my home that just says how to access the beta.