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Minimal Holding Page for an Architect

Hi guys,

I’ve been working with Progressive on their branding over the last couple of months and have finally gotten to the point of putting their landing page up whilst we’re building the main site.

Nice and simple, nothing complicated. Thoughts are welcome on all aspects.



Very nice mate!

Shows off the work well, which is important for an architect.

Dig the fix left content with the scrolling gallery.

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Really nice Joe! Though obviously needs a bit of copy about what they are about.

Being in that field, I know people also want more info on the project:

The thought behind the solution,
A plan demonstrating the space and circulation rationale,
Planning and environmental constraints that informed the solution,

And whilst it’s pretty and all, drop the tiny house! This stuff is being done to death and it’s not representing at ALL an architectural concept!

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@quarshcreative Thanks Sean.

@Richard_Jeffrey Thank you for the input Richard – you make some good points. When you say you’re in the field, do you work as an Architect?

We had limited time to put this together as we’re behind on the deadline for the main website (delays on the clients side). It was really just to ensure that there was a touchpoint in place for this weekend as they’re attending a show with the new presentation boards / cards that we’ve designed for them.

The actual site will contain all of this information. As for the Tiny House, it’s something that they’re quite keen on. A matter of personal taste I suppose.

Yes and no Joe, I’m a building designer (about 25yrs though). I can totally understand what you are saying about getting something up quick for these chaps!